What we do

We provide an array of services to meet all of your appellate needs.  Please contact one of Appellate Experts with any inquires you may have.

  • Prepare Bookmarks.
  • Prepare Hyperlinks.

With our vast knowledge and experience, our staff will expertly and accurately compile and assemble your appeal from inception to filing.

After reviewing the underlying documents, we will provide meticulous and accurate proofs of the records/appendices, enabling our clients to confidently reference them during the preparation of their briefs.  We will then sequence, index and paginate your Record/Appendix.  We will do the leg work, so that you can concentrate on what's most important, WRITING YOUR BRIEF.

Upon receipt of your Record/Appendix, we will perform the following services:

  • ​We will review the record to make sure it is complete and that all mandatory documents are included.
  • Prepare table of contents.
  • Prepared proofs of the Record/Appendix and Brief covers.
  • We will then sequence and assemble the record making sure to comply with the rules of the court.
  • Documents are then paginated, and page headings are added, if required by court rules.
  • Documents is then converted into a searchable .pdf file for you to easily navigate to reference while preparing your brief.
  • Prepare the 5531 Statements, 2105 Certifications, Notes of Issue, and Notices of Argument.
  • Prepare Affidavits of Service.
  • File/eFile the Record/Appendix and Brief with the appropriate court.
  • Serve all parties to the action.
  • Provide a court stamped copy of the record.
  • Prepare proof of Brief Cover.
  • Review Brief formatting ensuring it complies with court requirements.
  • Prepare Certificate of Compliance/Printing Specification Statement.
  • Prepare TOC/TOA (Additional Fee)​
  • eFiling.​
Appellate Printing
  • High quality digital printing and binding of Records/Appendices and Briefs.
  • Typesetting service: Briefs/Appendices and various documents.
  • Expert perfect bound binding.
  • Nitro Pro PDF created at 600 dpi for the highest quality printing.
  • Priority services available within 24 hours including weekends.